Story-line and Inspiration
In recent years, there are increasing news about people committing suicide because of depression, and cyber-bullying is one of the reasons contributing to depression. Every person on the internet is wearing a mask, hiding behind their monitors to comment on anything they want without paying for their actions. Anyone could be that "invisible evil" when they easily believe the rumors are facts without any verification and use their own moral standards to judge others. My intention is to bring this social issue to light, and I hope more people could pay attention to and realize the seriousness of this social problem.

This story is about the main character suffering from cyber-bullying and trying to escape from his nightmare. There are two worlds in the story, the character's dream world, and the real world. In his dream, he is sentenced to death in court. He experiences confusion, fear, escape, guilty, and depression. But in the real world, everything is just happening in his bedroom...
Style Frames
Working Process

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